Why EducateNXT:

EducateNXT is a leading ed-tech company that combines educational practices and IT tools and aims at enhancing and facilitating learning. EducateNXT is a part of the Gradeway Prep. We offer IT courses that are high in demand like Cloud Computing, Python Programming, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. We have collaborated with the world’s leading institutes to provide courses that align with the needs of individuals and companies. We provide training and courses that help individuals stay ahead in the competitive world and help them land their dream jobs.

We have a team of professionals and experts from diverse fields who work towards helping students achieve their goals. Professionals from IT, academics, and research combine their knowledge and skills to deliver the best possible training.


Our trainers are experienced professionals with more than 10 years of experience in guiding students in large educational institutions. We have collaborated with IIT Guwahati and are extremely proud of our association with them. Soon, we will be having many top notch universities on board with us.

● EducateNXT works with experts to create augmented reality-based tutorials that provide students with immersive experiences.
● We incorporate various tools to boost participation and encourage collaboration and engagement. We include practices that make the sessions lively and help in instant personification.
● Students can organize their time and take up the courses according to their convenience. These courses are feasible for working and college-going students. They can also explore courses and take up courses outside their curriculum to enhance their learning.
● Our educators focus on everyone individually and cater to their needs. We promote interactive sessions. Students can ask and clear their doubts. They also get the advantage of mentorship from highly experienced professionals who can guide them in their career.
● We provide courses in leading technologies that are in great demand around the globe. We offer in-demand courses in Data Science, Python, Full-stack development, etc. Various leading tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, etc., are recruiting professionals from these backgrounds. We help you pursue your dream career.

Let’s build the future
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